Satz-Rechen-Zentrum Berlin

Publishing and scanning services, digital printing and software products.

SRZ Berlin (as we are commonly known) not only offers professional services in publishing, digital printing and scanning, but also is the maker and supplier of a range of related software solutions.

The company was founded back in 1969, as one of the first computer typesetting companies around. Over the years, SRZ Berlin has grown and diversified and currently employs a staff of around 100.

With respect to typesetting, our focus is on automated document preparation processes, producing ready-to-publish and (mostly) high-volume output. Nowadays, of course, a substantial proportion of this output is published over the internet and as digital media.

A prime example of the type of typesetting work we do is the "Rote Liste", a major German publication targeted at doctors and pharmacists covering all of the prescription medicine available in Germany.

Furthermore, we perform all typesetting and internet preparation of the "Drucksachen des Deutschen Bundestages", i.e. all printed matter distributed by the lower house of the german parliament.

Other examples include catalogues for the industry, journals and reference publications.

SRZ Berlin established Germany's first scanning service bureau in 1987. These days, we specialize in managing major conversion projects (paper files to digital archives), including all of the required document preparation, scanning, indexing, OCR and ICR.

A growing number of customers are taking advantage of our service for digitizing incoming mail and invoices. Paper documents are captured and forwarded to customers in a digital format, on the same day.

Digital printing is performed using Xerox and Nexpress equipment, ensuring high-quality output from short-run or personalized print jobs. The service includes options such as mail delivery or interim storage. One of our better known printing customers is the German Office for Standardization.

Our in-house software development group was originally aimed at automating our own document preparation and scanning processes. Based on years of service experience, a number of professional-grade software solutions have evolved, some of which were made available as fully supported shrink-wrap products.

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